Researchers advise individuals to engage in at least 150 minutes (a little over 20 minutes each day) of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week and perform strength training that targets the major muscle groups twice a week. Yet in addition to your regular workouts, there are other strategies to increase physical activity and gain additional health advantages. These 13 strategies will help you fit in extra exercise throughout the day.

1. Get up, shine, and stretch. Do some light stretches (or yoga or follow some youtube guidelines) before beginning your typical morning routine. Add some crunches and pushups after that.

2. Choose a beautiful route. If you choose to bike rather than drive, use the stairs rather than the elevator, park further away, or get off the bus or metro at an earlier stop and walk a bit further, you’ll sneak in more exercise. Everything adds up!

3. Desk exercises. Sitting at a desk does not need you to remain still. While conversing on the phone or reading emails, get some hand weights and perform overhead extensions and biceps curls.

4. Continue your lunch break. Use your lunch break to exercise, run errands, or speed walk rather than eat at your desk. Have a nutritious meal or eat lunch later at your desk if you’re on the run.

5. Speak to your colleagues. Instead of communicating with your coworkers by email, instant message, or phone calls from your workstation, stand up and have a chat with them whenever you can.