We may not all be interested in sports, and hence we might have not taken part in any kind of competition during our school and college days. Every time you win in some sport on the sports day, you get a medal along with a certificate as your felicitation. At the very movement, you have no idea what is the value of that certificate but even so, you feel proud to hold it and embrace it with everything you have got. Sports certificates can be crucial in a job search if the job profile has a sports backed agenda. Your sports certificates will only matter if your job requires you to be sporty and athletic.

Many governments or even private companies have their own cricket teams. Not only cricket but other sports as well. While you are working for that company, you can also play for the pride of that company if you are very good at a particular sport. There are national-level tournaments where such companies do take part and that could allow you to show your talent. Hence if you are seeking a job in such a company, your school sports certificates can play an important role in it. Those certificates will add an advantage to you getting the job. On rare occasions, even if the company doesn’t have any sports side to it, they may consider you for the job seeing your accomplishments in the sports section.

If you are seeking a job in a sports apparel manufacturing company, you being a sportsperson will work in your favour. However, if you are in a field that has nothing to do with sports than those certificates will hardly make any impact on your career. They will only remain in your old file as your school accomplishments and nothing else. In any case, it is not about using it in the future, sports are all about enjoying and having fun while you play. Even if those certificates don’t make an impact on your CV, they will always make an impact when you tell the story of how you won to your kids!!