Every child fantasises about being an aviator, but as we become older, that ideal fades and is replaced by more concrete goals. However, as with any other job, to become a pilot is a viable option. We can all admit that no career is simple or straightforward, but aviation might not be for everyone.

This job is not really for someone who has a fear of heights, nervousness, or other problems that prevent you from being serene. But if you enjoy flying then here are a few things to check before you can pursue a successful career as a pilot.

1. Get a required percentage and choose a field according to your age

In India, the universal basic criterion for becoming an aviator is to score 50% in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry in grade 12. Then, depending on the sort of licence you want, you must meet a specific age limit. Students, private and commercial pilots are 3 fields in which you can apply.

2. Finish your graduate requirements

Despite the fact that it is not required, yet more airlines are favouring individuals with a master’s degree. If you are unable to pursue a degree in flying, science is the next best option. Individuals with a non-science experience can also become flyers if they are capable of understanding mathematics, calculations, and logic.

3. Enroll in a training course

Finding the correct training academy is the next stage to become a pilot. Join the greatest coursework and pricing policies you can encounter. The flight school will educate you all you need to know about planes and aviation. To the fullest advantage, finish your course.

4. Get your medical examination done

It’s pointless to waste the money on learning to be an aviator if you’re physically unfit to do so after passing your level 2 medical, you’ll have to complete level 1 as well. Because not every doctor has the permission to do these health examinations, do your homework before looking for one.

5. 200 hrs of flying time

You’re only one small step from becoming an aviator once you’ve passed your documents. Finally, you must have at least 200 hours of flying knowledge. To finish these 200 hours of flying, look for aviation institutes.

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