Getting the dream job you have always wished for is very difficult in today’s growing competition. An interview looks for the plus points you have. Or by your good luck, you have got your desired job then it’s difficult to keep up with the expectations. Well, you not just fulfill those demands but can also become a favorite of everyone at the workplace by having these skills.

1) Self Awareness: You should have the skill to understand your plus and minus points. You should identify and comprehend your feelings, abilities, and emotions. You have to be able to acknowledge your mistake and try to be better the next time, even without people pointing out that for you.

2) Empathy: One of the key skills to have in an employee. This is the ability to understand others feeling and helps them to deal with them. You can promote this habit by active listening when someone is talking. Also, group discussions involving every member help others get engaged.

3) Social Skills: It is one of the most essential skills for a person. You must know to engage with people and communicate. It helps to build a network and work better with colleagues and clients. Pure communication with people without involving their emotions works best.

4)Team Work: You should learn to work with your team and let every member contribute to the work. This will help every member grow and learn the necessary skills.