Many people aspire to land government jobs due to the various benefits associated with these jobs. Moreover, government jobs are stable and there is always job security. They are like dream jobs for many Indians in the nation. Many Government jobs require candidates to pass the entrance examinations. Government examinations are examinations conducted by the government for candidates who wish to secure a government job. However, since the number of aspirants is too large, the competition level is way too high for these exams. The various kinds of government exams in India are SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Rail exams, RBI exams, UPSC, IAS, IBPS exams and so many more. There are different government exams for different positions and therefore the candidate can choose whichever role suits him the best and accordingly attempt for the exams.


1) Job Security

One of the many reasons why people give government examinations is to secure a government job that comes with job security. Today’s times are quite unpredictable. People are fired and laid off at short notice due to economic uncertainties and during such times, it’s a blessing to have a government job.

2) Salary benefits

One of the biggest perks of giving a government exam is that you get a well-paying government job. The 7th pay commission has led to many government employees getting higher salaries which are almost equivalent to private corporate sector jobs.

3) Fixed working hours

Unlike in private sector jobs, there is a properly fixed working hour. Even if an employee is required to work beyond his working hours in a government job, he/she gets rewarded with remuneration.

4) Job Work Balance

Giving government exams helps you achieve a government job that ensures you have a proper job work balance. You can easily strike a job-work balance.

5) Work Pressure

Another reason why giving government exams is beneficial to candidates is that government jobs have less work pressure and the job is far less stressful as compared to the private sector.

6) Other benefits

There are other benefits attached to government jobs like traveling and dearness allowances which allow you to travel anywhere at concessional rates. If you crack the government exam, then you can also reap the benefits of health care benefits.

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