Indian students admire government jobs as it gives them a sense of guaranteed job security and good salary. It also comes with multiple perks such as retirement pensions, various subsidies, occasional benefits and much more.

Getting government jobs has turned out to a challenge in the rising competitive country. Therefore, to be eligible for government jobs, you need to overcome various government courses.

Here is the list of government courses that you can complete easily for acquiring better jobs.

  • Agricultural Studies

Graduates from agricultural studies easily get jobs in the government sector as relatively fewer students try to pursue it and there is a high demand for officers in the Agricultural Department.

As an agricultural studies graduate you become the officer of this department. Your role is to monitor the agricultural activities of the farmers, consultancy, fertilizers suppliers and more.

  • Veterinary Sciences

Veterinary science is a part of medical science that deals with the health and well-being of animals.

The demand for veterinary doctors is high but the number has not increased yet. After pursuing a degree in veterinary sciences you can work in government animal clinics.

For eligibility, you need to take up the course of BVS that is Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences.

  • B.Ed/ Bachelor of Education

B.Ed course gives you an opportunity to start a profession in teaching. The duration, of course, is 2 years and to be eligible for this course you need to be a graduate with 50% marks in your BA, B.Com or B.Sc.

After finishing this course you can easily get a job in any government school.

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