Data entry basically means taking data from various raw sources such as forms, application or company files and entering the information in computer data base or computer application for further business use. Most fields include numerical data entry like accounting, banking, mortgage or loan information. Data entry operators work in nearly every field and every sector.

An individual doing data entry job is generally known as Data entry clerk. For becoming a data entry clerk you should at least have high school diploma or equivalent 1-5 years of related experience. You should also have a very good knowledge about the language. You should be Proficient in English mainly and also have good knowledge of Microsoft office. You can also earn a relevant data entry certificate. Many colleges and online sites offer the courses in data entry.

Many online job boards, have local job listings. You can carefully choose the job whose requirement match your skill set. Some jobs need good typing skills with a certain speed if typing while some may require aptitude with specific software.

The average salary of person working as data entry clerk or operator ranges between Rs.1,25,000 – Rs.1,35,000. Datamatics Global, Pentagon Systems and services, Sourcehov India and most of the BPO’s offers part times as well as full time jobs.

With an increase in BPO industry, the field of data entry has also expanded. It is a very good source income for the people with limited education or minimum skill set. This field also provides employer with work from home opportunities, which have helped lot of women who are housewives by providing them with basic income and also retired individuals.

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