The ESTP personality type is that of a businessman who is passionate, in-the-moment, and eager to take risks. Extraverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving are the four aspects of ESTPs .

Here are some best career jobs for you

1. Officer of Business Development

ESTPs are sensitive and socially aware, which are important traits for business development officers. Business development officers, who are typically in managerial positions, are in charge of increasing the company through networking and strategic planning.

2. Investigator

Another professional route that utilises ESTPs’ perceptual ability as well as their critical thinking skills is detective work. ESTPs can use their attentive and inquisitive minds as detectives whether they work in a police department, as a private investigator, or even in retail and corporate contexts.

3. Reporter

Journalism is a field that promotes curiosity and initiative. Their charm and ability to communicate with others is a plus. Journalism is an ideal professional choice for ESTPs since it allows them to work whenever they want as long as tasks are completed.

4. Actor

For ESTPs who enjoy being the focus of attention, drama is a terrific choice of career. Acting allows creative ESTPs to experiment with a range of roles and interact with a wide set of individuals, which they like.

5. Novelist/Writer

Career writers appreciate the lack of regulations and the liberty to do things their own way. There are so many different types of writing jobs that ESTPs are certain to find one that suits them. The options are limitless. A profession as a writer allows ESTPs to push themselves creatively and challenge their limits.

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