Because ENTJs are driven and hardworking, they excel in structured jobs. People with this personality type will struggle in chaotic environments or jobs that require them to follow rather than lead. If you’re an ENTJ, look for a job that will challenge you, require self-motivation, and put you in a leadership position.

Here are the best career options for ENTJs.

1. Project management

Because of their judgment and leadership abilities, ENTJs are ideal candidates for project management. Maintaining budgets, scheduling team meetings, and planning project schedules are just a few of the responsibilities of a project manager. ENTJs excel in project management tasks because of their natural drive to lead.

2. Sales

ENTJs are a strong fit for sales jobs that demand them to form relationships with clients, develop trust, and eventually close transactions. It is critical for ENTJs in sales roles to care about and believe in what they are selling. People with the ENTJ personality are driven by passion, so sales tasks may be difficult if you aren’t passionate about your product.

3. Auditor

One of the key skills of the ENTJ type is extreme attention, which is required to complete an auditing project. While auditors do spend some time alone, they also deal with a variety of stakeholders, including the individual or organization being audited, government agencies, banks, and other financial institutions.

They should also be able to keep track of and manage their schedules, which is a typical ability among ENTJs due to their entrepreneurial and self-starting nature.

4. Public speaker

The ENTJ is personable and self-assured, making them appealing speakers who can gain an audience’s trust. Public presenters must also be precise and thoughtful, two traits shared by the ENTJ personality type. ENTJs can succeed in a variety of positions that demand public speaking, including human resources directors, public relations managers, motivational speakers, and more.

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