The process of developing stories and graphics for digital entertainment is video game design. There are many positions available in this field, you just have to choose the one that suits your skills and education.

Here are the different Video Game Designing jobs.

1. Game tester

In the production process, the beta version and other prototypes of games are played and assessed by game testers. If there is an issue, they report it to the designers and programmer to troubleshoot.

2. CAD drafter

CAD (Computer-aided designs) drafter assists in developing plans and technical drawings by using the programs. The drawings are used by the designers to create new game settings for their users.

3. Video game designer

The story mode and challenges for the users who play the game are created by the video game designers. To ensure the follow-up of the design they work with artists and programmers.

4. Computer programmer

The professionals who use coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and C++ for new computer software are known as computer programmers. They update the video game software to improve the online gameplay, they also troubleshoot the problems experienced by the gamers.

5. Web developer

The user-facing side of the website is created by web developers by using coding languages. They detail the functionalities like graphics, applications, and content as per the specifications.

6. Application developers

The programs for computer software programs are created and tested by application developers. They develop reasonable specifications with customers for various functions.

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