A career in graphic design can be a stimulating means to combine art, technology, and communication. These experts are required on many projects in a variety of fields, comprising marketing and advertising, publishing, healthcare, and digital communications.
Graphic designers create graphics and designs for a vast variety of products, comprising company logos, websites, clothing, books, and games

Here are different graphic designing jobs to explore

1. Photo editor

Photo editors work to modify, color-correct, and combine images to formulate the desired final image. An in-depth understanding of Photoshop and different photo-editing software is expected to become a photo editor.

2. Apparel graphic

Apparel graphic designers develop individual, original images for clothing. They create a great understanding of the brand’s customers and assure their graphics are cohesive and visually appealing to the audience.

3. Logo designers

Logo designers create visually convincing graphics or images to depict a firm, commodity, brand, or service. Strong illustration proficiency and knowledge of consumer advertising are required.

4. Web designer

Web designers help in creating websites by developing individual web pages, designing page layouts, and creating graphics for the particular website.

5. Multimedia designers

Multimedia designers develop complex animated images and videos by utilizing art and computerized animation techniques. Multimedia designers can function in a variety of fields, which include television or film production and video game development.

6. Advertising designers

Advertising designers adopt graphic design, sketching, and photography to build marketing materials for a brand or companies that are visually compelling. Billboards, magazine advertisements, website advertisements, and any other desired promotional materials are created by advertising designers.

7. Publication designers

Publication designers create the layout, visual image, and graphics for a variety of printed publications.

8. Art director

The art director is a high-level manager accountable for supervising the design team’s vision, organizing the theme concept, and administering all design artwork.

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