You can start earning money with freelance writing as early as 14 years old. You can register on websites like Reddit and marketplaces like Fiverr if you’re 13 years old or more aged, and you can find clients for your freelance writing on both platforms. As a student, you can still work as a freelance writer and pitch your clients.

Age has no bearing. Nowadays, thanks to technology, anything is possible. There are enough platforms available to write on. Only choose one platform, though. Avoid being confused by the many platforms. You can draw in an increasing number of readers if you can generate quality content quickly.

Write whatever comes to mind. When you first start writing, it’s possible that what you intend to write is very different. Over time, you’ll realize that you have more control than you did at first. The likelihood that each book you write will be superior to the one before it increases if you intend to write many volumes.

The Greatest Teen Writing Careers

There are different ways to earn money as a freelance writer, and this includes jobs for juvenile writers:

Article Writing: Producing articles for businesses and blogs that typically address particular questions or themes that readers are interested in.

Copywriting: With copywriting, you’re in charge of revising website copy, and other brand copy to better advertise goods and services to clients, maintain a brand voice, and interact with them.

Creative Writing: There are several ways to earn money through creative writing, including writing for magazines, short stories, or even poetry for various outlets.

Social Media Writer: Writing for social media is another form of internet writing work for teenagers, similar to copywriting material for brands on social media, including captions.

Choose the kind of freelance writing that appeals to you and suits your skills the best.