Unacademy is an online platform co-founded by Gaurav Munjal and Roman Saini which allows people to pitch in to start any course. It is one of the top sites for preparing for competitive exams like civil services, state government posts, admissions to IITs and IIMs, and many other.

In Unacademy, the educator is provided with tools to design a course in the form of video lessons. They are in a presentation format with a voice-over. To help and grow the viewers, the company offers a tech stack to the educators to upload and publish the videos.

The learners can access the course either topic-wise or can follow their preferred educators on this free educational platform.

Here are some benefits of Unacademy

1. Accio Tutors

This pure marketplace platform attracts educators for work from home and a better value proposition on earning. It recruits tutors from the best learning and coaching institutions. Therefore, has the best teachers educating the students.

2. Multiple Courses

Unacademy comes with a combination of courses. If you are preparing for management exams like CAT, it will prepare you for the management colleges that conduct similar types of exams or tests.

3. Clears Doubts and Discuss

It also conducts live sessions as per the requirement of the learner to get an in-depth explanation of the subject or topic. After every live session, they make lecture notes available for the students. Unacademy is the best site to help students learn at their own pace and time.

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