Consider Online Networking

For many, the in-person quality of networking events is particularly difficult. The mere thought of approaching strangers can cause hands to sweat and stomachs to turn. We are fortunate to live in the digital age. Establish an active Twitter presence and communicate with people in your field to expand your networking. Increase the size of your LinkedIn profile and activities. Virtual networking is an excellent approach to expanding your network without attending an event.

One-on-One Networking

Not all networking must take place at a large event or gathering. While group interactions might be difficult for introverts, one-on-one conversations allow them to demonstrate their excellent listening abilities and establish a strong bond. Suggest coffee dates and other one-on-one contacts, and ask friends and colleagues to connect you up with people beyond your immediate network for conversations.

Invite a Friend

Are you going to a large gathering of strangers? Check to see whether you can bring a friend, co-worker, or even an acquaintance. There’s something about knowing at least one person at an event that makes it less stressful.

Don’t Forget About Old Contacts When Looking for New Ones

When you’re in networking mode, it’s easy to become obsessed with increasing your network and keeping track of your growing number of LinkedIn acquaintances. Don’t forget to keep in touch with your old contacts while you make new ones. Send an email to past co-workers to update them on your condition. Schedule coffee dates and stay in touch with the crucial people in your network on a regular basis; just like friendship, you don’t want to be in touch only when you need a favor.

After the introductions, follow up

Collect business cards and send emails the next day to boost your chances of success. Add people to LinkedIn: the majority of people will accept invitations from people they’ve met in person. Find examples of networking letters to send after you’ve made your first connection.

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