The majority of workers are stressed out from functioning under extreme stress and are frustrated with meeting targets. This scenario is distressing for every person who forces themselves to work each day and receives the bare minimum in exchange.

However, there are a variety of professions which are less well-known among creative geniuses, where the level of stress is extremely modest and the reward is rather significant. These positions mostly require innovative thinkers, and all that is required is a demonstration of creativity.

Here are the best high paying jobs with minimal stress level.

1. Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts gather and evaluate data on organisational techniques in order to uncover similarities and address problems. They assist management in making strategic planning choices. Working as an operations research analyst is one of the most rewarding and low-stress professions available.

2. Creative Writing

In a society consisting of many other content or professional authors, the creative writer breaks over the constraints of traditional educational material and develops his own creative environment. From fantasy to reality creative writers operate like professionals in their fields. Because this is a wordplay activity, the stress level is relatively minimal.

3. Occupational Therapist

Individuals who are unwell, wounded, or disabled are treated by occupational therapists. They assist individuals in dealing with their flaws as they move about their regular lifestyle. One of the greatest low stress jobs is that of an occupational therapist.

4. Photography

Photography is the skill of recording everyday events in the most imaginative way possible. It contains a variety of categories. Photography necessitates an imaginative mind that is intrigued about the mundane. Because the photographer enjoys clicking, it’s almost like a pastime in which they have immersed themselves to capture the brilliance that they have experienced.

5. Audiologist

Audiologists enjoy one of the top minimal stress and high-paying careers around. Becoming an audiologist might be the ideal job for you if you want to assist individuals. Deafness and other auditory nerve problems are treated by audiologists.

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