Here are some brain exercises that can help you improve your memory, cognition, and creativity.

1. Meditation

Meditation usually means focusing attention in a gentle and controlled manner. Meditation has several benefits to the brain and body. Meditation can benefit the brain by slowing the aging of the brain and increasing the ability of the brain to process information.

2. Visualization

Visualization involves the formation of a spiritual image to represent information. Mental images can be in the form of images or animated scenes. These images that convey a sense of well-being are created in the mind. People can practice visualization in their daily lives. For example, before cooking, people can imagine what they cook, what ingredients they need to prepare, what the food looks like, and how it tastes. The important thing is to visualize the scene in as much detail and vividness as possible.

3. Crossword Puzzle Practice

Crossword puzzles are a famous activity that can stimulate your brain. Several studies have shown that crossword puzzles can delay the onset of memory loss in people with preclinical dementia.

4. Playing chess

According to a survey, chess and other cognitive recreational activities improve memory, executive function, the ability to monitor and coordinate behavior to achieve set goals, and information processing speed.

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