Do you have a strong interest in automobiles? Do you want to create your own vehicle?

Then a career in Automobile Engineering is for you!

Automobile/Automotive Engineering is one of the most well-known occupations available today. But what does Automobile Engineering imply?

Automobile Engineering (Automotive Engineering) is a branch of engineering that falls under studies after 12th science and deals with the design, operation, and construction of autos. It is also a subset of Vehicle Engineering that deals with vehicles, motorbikes, trucks, and buses, among other things.

Job Roles in Automobile Engineer:

1. Automobile Engineer

Their employment entails designing, manufacturing, and operating automobiles. Mechanical, electrical, software, and safety engineering are all used in the design and construction of buses, bikes, trucks, and other vehicles and machines.

2. Automobile Designers

They are in charge of designing the appearance, components, and parts of automobiles and road vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses. Aside from that, they are responsible for the vehicle’s functional development, which covers mechanical, electrical, software, electronic, and safety aspects.

3. Car Designer

Car designers frequently collaborate with automobile engineers to develop novel concepts for new automobile designs. The car designer’s task is simply to create a fresh design that is functional and appealing to buyers. Aside from that, companies must ensure that their design is both ecologically friendly and cost effective.

4. Executive and management positions

Many top-level automobile engineers work in MNCs and the corporate sector as executives and managers.

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