With the changing world, there is a need for certain employees in specific fields of jobs and with proper certifications and qualification they can easily fill in the position.

The list of jobs for skill workers are as follows;

1. Custodian

They engage in cleaning certain parts of the building or an event. They also take our garbage, do mopping, vacuum the floors and clean bathroom sinks and toilets.

2. Bus drivers

They work as school bus drivers by transporting the children back and forth from home to school. They also maintain the bus and ensure its smooth running.

3. Welder

Welder deals with metals and builds certain pieces of equipment. They combine metals using heat.

4. Brick mason

They deal with repairing or building various building structures. They lay out each brick and bind them together to form a strong structure.

5. Carpenter

They use manual labour to make various structures for the house. They engage in cutting, measuring and shaping and at times also follow the guidelines as per the blueprints.

6. Crane operator

Crane operators need to know how the crane works and they maneuver the pedals and handles on the machine.

7. Plumber

They work in both commercial and residential areas. They fix various problems related to plumbing.

8. Electrician

They work with power units and ensure the proper functioning of the wiring and electrical systems.

9. Construction manager

They perform the leadership roles by overseeing and guiding the construction employees in completing various projects related to construction.

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