Whenever you work at a particular place, you expect that work environment to be a safe and happy place for you. But sometimes you don’t really feel good about a particular job and don’t feel like working there and may feel like leaving that job and looking for a new one.

Here are the signs that prove you need a job change

1. You start feeling uninterested.

As each day passes, you feel increasingly separated from your actual reasons for entering the field and don’t really feel interested in the job. Mentally, you’ve checked out, you are not able to perform properly, your deadlines are slipping, and you just can’t gather the energy to fake excitement about the company’s mission anymore.

2. You don’t feel like you’re making an impact.

Every day looks and feels the same for you. You feel underestimated, you feel like your time and skills are being wasted, and your greatest abilities aren’t being put to use. Over time you’ve avoided actively seeking out new opportunities to contribute, you feel frustrated and you feel like you are not making any impact on your job. Then it’s time to find a new job which suits your skills.

3. Your job is affecting your personal life.

Work should be challenging, but not exhausting. If you’re chronically exhausted, not getting enough sleep, suffering from headaches, or encountering other physical symptoms, this may be your body’s way of warning you that your job is not right for you. Being permanently stressed can also affect your relationships with others who are close to you as you won’t be able to give them attention, because of exhaustion from work.

4. Your job is impacting on your self-esteem

If you are starting to doubt yourself and the task that you do, then something needs to change in your working environment. Keeping up in a job or career that makes you feel terrible about yourself as a person is never going to be worth it. This can impact your long-term emotional well-being and makes achieving the smallest task appear impossible.

5. You dream of a different career

If you’re spending your work hours, sitting at your desk, curling your hair around your finger, Googling different job opportunities, bookmarking interesting firms in your browser, and all the time thinking about or even dreaming about the job in which you are really interested.

6. You’re jealous of your friends’ job

Feelings of jealousy towards the careers or jobs of your friends or family can be the main signal that you expect to be doing something else and somewhere else. Rather than thinking of jealousy as a bad thing, you should pay attention to where it takes you and what you want to do.

7. You are doing it just for money

If you are doing your job just for the sake of money and just because you want your monthly income, and not because you want to learn and explore new ideas and things from the job, then the particular job is certainly not for you.

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