The video conferencing tool Google Meet has become fairly popular in the rapidly developing digital world. Despite being well-liked, it also has its own advantages and disadvantages.


1. Because it can be accessed on a computer and a phone, Google Meet is easy to use. Additionally, its user interface is clear and uncomplicated.

2. It easily interacts with Google calendar, making scheduling events and meetings simple.

3. The audio-video quality is excellent, and there is very little data use.

4. It works well with Google programs like Google Drives.

5. It allows for the saving of sessions for subsequent usage.

6. Google Meet keeps users linked for an extended period of time and facilitates file exchange.

7. It can accommodate several participants at once with ease. It enables about 100 users to connect at once.


1. The free plan excludes some services from its offerings.

2. Unlike competing software, Google Meet records, and stores all of your video calls.

3. The microphone has to be corrected because stability problems make talking difficult.

4. The video quality frequently degrades during conference calls, forcing participants to re-join.

5. Google Meet lacks annotations and remote control for simple use while sharing a screen, in contrast to other video conversations.

6. Despite being an update, the new UI is not the best when compared to the leading rivals.

7. It should operate more fluidly, which it occasionally lacks.

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