Marketing is a prominent graduate career, mainly in the developing digital and social media areas, but the entry in this field is particularly competitive so you’ll need to build your experience in marketing.

Here are the jobs related to your marketing degree

1. Marketing manager

A confident person with a broad skill set, strategic thinking, and deep understanding of the entire marketing picture will always be highly employable. A marketing manager with substantial international experience has particularly outstanding chances for a career, which ultimately leads to well-paid positions.

2. Event manager

Event managers schedule and establish promotional, business, and social events. They’re accountable for running a range of events, guaranteeing that the target audience is engaged and the message of the event is marketed appropriately.

3. Digital copywriter

As a digital copywriter, you are expected to create written content for web pages, either working as an employee or as a freelancer. Your job will be to immerse the reader and encourage them to do something, such as buy a product or service.

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes the publicity of products and services through a variety of digital channels, utilizing the internet and mobile technology. Different techniques are applied for targeting consumers both directly and indirectly.

5. Charity sector marketing specialist

If you’re interested in utilizing your marketing skill and business insight to make the world a better place, working for a charity or NGO(non governmental organization) can be a fulfilling career option for marketing professionals.

6. Sales Representative

The goal of all marketing businesses is to expand sales of products or services. There are several sales jobs available, and these positions can serve as an outstanding springboard for careers in other marketing areas.

7. Social Media Manager

Institutions of all kinds have placed increased priority on online marketing. Social media managers improve their organizations’ image on different social media platforms.

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