Browser extensions in internet surfing are like the extra sauce we have with a burger or hotdog. They provide you with additional services that your browser or the website fails to provide. You don’t have to do anything special for them to work, it is majorly autonomous. Here is a list of extensions that you should have while on the internet: –

  • Pocket – We often visit an interesting website and close the tab in a hurry. We then find it difficult to remember the website. This extension helps you to save such websites and use them later on.
  • Adblock – Ads on the browser are highly annoying. This extension blocks such irritating ads and makes your browsing easy. You can also review which ads it has blocked and set your blocking preferences.
  • LastPass – Remembering passwords is mind stressing, especially if we have different passwords for different accounts. This extension remembers your passwords for you. However long, however difficult the password be this extension can save it for you.
  • Google Translate – If you visit foreign websites too often, this extension by Google can simplify your searches. As the name suggests, it translates any webpage from any language to your preferred language.
  • Grammarly – If you write a lot, this extension is for you. Spell checks, grammatical errors, inappropriate punctuations, it can correct everything for you. It even suggests you adequate words and sentences that might be better looking and effective in a paragraph.
  • Ghostery – Some websites can obtain our personal data when we visit them. This extension tells you which website is accessing what kind of data and you can also discontinue doing so.
  • Clearly – If you are an internet reader, this extension is exclusively for you. Be it news, blogs, articles or anything else this extension focuses on a particular part that you are reading. It helps you remember the line you are currently on in case you lose focus. It can also read the article for you, while you sit back and relax.