You’re looking for work and have heard the phrase “network, network, network!” more times than you can remember. Attending networking events is an excellent method to advance your career and expand your network. These events allow you to network with people in your field, acquire confidence, and receive motivation to achieve your personal career objectives. A networking event is a gathering of professionals in your field with the goal of forging business relationships.

Here are 6 things you must keep in mind while attending networking events

1. Plan beforehand

Knowing what you want to get out of a networking event is essential. Knowing what you want to achieve at the conclusion of the event, whether it’s a job or expanding your professional network, can help you stay focused.

2. Prepare to make an impression

Whether you’re attending a formal event or a more casual gathering, make sure you look the part and dress properly.

Choose professional clothing when putting together your attire. If you appear unkempt, disorganized, or overly casual, you will not make a favorable first impression.

3. Take notes

Because you’re unlikely to recall every detail of every chat, it’s a good idea to jot things down. Taking notes throughout the event can help you remember important details from the numerous participants you meet.

After you’ve mingled with a few people, go to a quiet area of the room and jot notes on the back of each person’s business card about who she is, what you discussed, and any follow-up you want to do. Remember that the goal of a networking event is to build future connections, and doing so will make following up with them a lot easier.

4. Listen intently

Allow the other person to take the lead. The person who speaks first about herself is only half-listened to, which most people are unaware of. This shows you’re interested in their business or what they have to say. In the professional environment, demonstrating attention and sincerity goes a long way toward winning respect.

When communicating with others, it’s critical to maintain eye contact, listen carefully, and watch your body language. This shows you’re interested in their business or what they have to say.

5. Get straight to the point

When it’s your chance to talk about what you do, keep it short and sweet. You can go into more information afterward, but if you can’t get to the point immediately, people will lose interest. The key to good networking is to establish rapport, so if someone doesn’t comprehend what you’re saying, there won’t be a connection.

6. Follow up

Consider reaching out to anyone you met at the event a few days later if you made any worthwhile connections. Send follow-up emails to anyone you met at the event with whom you’d like to continue networking a few days later.

Make each email unique by letting each person know how much you liked meeting them and highlighting anything you discussed.

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