Job seekers are worried about getting a job and very few work hard to get one. Getting exhausted with hunting for a job makes you commit mistakes during the interview.

Here are the 5 mistakes freshers usually make during an interview.

1. Going unprepared

No matter how busy you are, you shouldn’t go for the interview unprepared. The interviewer expects the applicant to be well-versed with all the things they have learnt in college along with some basic details about the company and the job they are applying for. Going unprepared leaves a poor impression on the recruiter.

2. Talking too much or not talking at all

During an interview you need to maintain your balance with either talking too much or not talking at all. It is good to show enthusiasm and ask questions but ensure that you don’t fumble or repeat yourself.

3. Sloppy body language

Recruits get disappointed if the applicants look disinterested or maintain a bad body language. They are looking forward to meeting energetic people who are excited for new prospects.

4. Using slangs

A job interview involves a formal conversation and hence one should avoid the use of slang. Slangs such as ‘you know’, ‘you guys’, ‘um’ should be refrained by the freshers during the interview.

5. Asking wrong questions

Recruiters usually advise the interviewee to ask questions. However, the questions they ask should be relevant enough. You should avoid asking questions related to salary, benefits, vacation time or other company perks.

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