Numerous workers in the hotel sector begin their careers as entry-level employees, but this is a job where people can advance to higher-paying positions. Some of the highest-paying hospitality professions may require extra schooling, although many are open to people with substantial experience in the sector. You’ll be able to take on more duties in a higher-paying job, which will help you develop abilities in areas like people management and leadership.

Here are some highest paying jobs in hospitality as mentioned by Indeed Career Guide.

1. Event manager

The responsibilities of an event manager vary depending on the industry and firm for which they work, but they typically include planning, organising, and managing events of various sizes. An event manager in a corporate setting would schedule meetings with clients and firms to raise brand recognition. An event manager who works for a hotel or entertainment venue will work with clients who wish to have their events there.

The average annual wage is $43,018.

2. Sommelier

A sommelier’s primary responsibilities include managing the wine offerings in a restaurant or hotel. Creating wine lists, managing and rotating the wine stock, giving wine matching suggestions to clients and waitstaff, and buying wine from vineyards and other providers are some of the most prevalent responsibilities. To become a sommelier, you must have a great enthusiasm for wine as well as excellent communication skills, as this job requires you to interact with people regularly. Sommeliers can also pursue certification programmes to demonstrate their wine knowledge.

The average annual wage is $48,476.

3. Hotel general manager

A hotel’s general manager is in charge of all areas of the facility’s operations, including staff management, guest experience oversight, and ensuring that all visitors’ needs are met throughout their stay. The general manager of a hotel should also act as a brand ambassador, promoting the company’s culture and goals.

The average annual wage is $50,313.

4. Casino director

A casino director’s responsibilities include ensuring that all casino operations function well by monitoring guests, gaming machines, tables, and workers. They usually supervise the hiring, training, and management of personnel, as well as coordinating work schedules, walking the floor to observe earnings and losses, enforcing all house rules, reviewing security footage, and assisting with the maintenance of a great guest experience. Customer service skills are developed in casino directors, which will allow them effectively handle visitor complaints and issues.

The average annual wage is $142,302.

5. Executive chef

Executive chefs supervise the daily operations of kitchens in restaurants and hotels. Hiring, mentoring, and handling kitchen staff members, sustaining the quality of the food served, intending menus and drink pairings, ensuring that all dishes are prepared correctly, promptly, and freshly, organising tasks for other members of the team, reviewing and coordinating staffing, and obtaining feedback on service and food quality are all examples of their responsibilities.

The average annual wage is $64,990.

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