It is said that you shouldn’t mix your personal and professional lives. However, spending most of your time with your coworkers causes your luck to change and you usually acquire a romantic interest. The last thing you should want to keep your personal and professional lives apart is to continue a relationship. It could interfere with your professional or workplace decorum.

Below are 5 unspoken guidelines for office dating. These are what they are:

It’s a Big NO to Date the Boss!

Dating someone with authority will lead to unpleasant accusations of preferential treatment or of power battles in the workplace. Resign and look for a new career if you want to keep the relationship going.

Keep Your Love and Work Apart

It is recommended that you abstain from making public displays of affection at work. Additionally, it is not advisable to email your significant other from a work computer because there is a good potential that other employees will see it.

Always Be Subtle

If you really are in love, try to keep your feelings to yourself. You don’t want to get caught up in gossip and wind up getting fired since it spreads more quickly than fire.

Avoid Any Kind Of Favours

You cannot give someone special treatment just because you are dating them. Your co-workers would all turn against you if they found out about it. Never speak for your partner or attempt to intervene in their disputes.

Avoid breaking any laws

Make sure there won’t be any fallout if a subordinate rejects you if you are dating them. Your professional standards must not change.

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