Running is an affordable and fun sport which is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

Here are the ways to be motivated to run.

1. Be aware of your motives

You are likely going to give up on running, if you do not have any motives. So, in order to stay motivated to run, you need to be clear of why you want to run. It can be for any reason such as to lose weight, get healthy, spend time outside, fight depression and more.

2. Find a partner to run with

Running becomes easier and fun when you have friends who tag along with you. It is the best way to spend time with the people you care about and it also gives you an opportunity to build connections with new people.

3. Track your progress

Track your first mile, your run without walk breaks, record the time and distance covered along with the feelings and emotions that you experienced.

4. Educate yourself about running

Read various magazines, websites, blogs or participate in forums to learn more about running. It would make you feel like you are a part of the running community while keeping you interested and giving you important information.

5. Enjoy running

When you like something, you enjoy doing it. So think about running as unleashing your physical and spiritual potential and not some strenuous activity. Running gives you the opportunity to learn new things about yourself and so it is better to continue doing so because it is priceless.

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