One thing everybody should know regarding India is that it is a nation that cherishes harmony. India is a noble country that not only protects itself but also goes beyond national frontiers to safeguard and combat for humanitarian issues.

Here are number of times Indian Army crossed borders to help ones in need.

1. Over 960 foreigners from 41 locations were rescued by the Indian Air Force.

Despite the fact that the operation began with the intention of rescuing Indians in Yemen, the rescue team ended up rescuing citizens from other nations as well. On 3 April 2015, the Indian Air Force and Air India began an air evacuation from Sanaa. Approximately 4640 Indian citizens and 960 foreign citizens from 41 different countries were rescued.

2. In 1992, India aided in the maintenance of international peace in Somalia.

Somalia was hit by a humanitarian disaster in 1992, prompting the UN Security Council to pass Resolution 794. India, among other nations, remained neutral in the devastated areas.

3. During the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, India was the very first nation to aid Sri Lanka.

After the Disaster in December 2004, India was the first nation to heed to Sri Lanka’s appeal for aid. 430 Sri Lankan people were also rescued from Lebanon by the Army, first by Indian Navy ships to Cyprus, and then by Air India planes to Delhi and Colombo.

4. In 1971, India courageously battled Pakistan for East Pakistan’s freedom, which is currently Bangladesh.

On March 27, 1971, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi announced her government’s entire solidarity with the people of East Pakistan, presently Bangladesh, in their fight for independence. We played a significant part in their freedom as a nation.

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