Social media is growing massively, and undoubtedly it has improved how we connect and share information. But amidst the positive things of technology, we cannot deny its negative impact on individuals, their mental health, and overall well-being. Read below to know how social media is killing people.

Firstly, the most harmful thing is that people compare and have low self-esteem. Social media has filtered versions of people where everyone looks perfect with fair skin and toxic beauty standards. It shows everything best, their achievement and other things which compare and make the other feel inferior.

Secondly, people have become cruel and take the help of social media to bully others. This has increased cyberbullying and harassment. It has increased the victims’ consequences, resulting in stress, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

Thirdly, due to excessive social media usage, people have become addicted and always want to spend time on their phone. Also, the posts, reels, and shares are designed to make the user glued to the screen.

Fourthly, social media promotes unrealistic beauty standards that make people feel bad about their bodies. Constantly getting exposure to this brings dissatisfaction and negativity.

Also, those who are into social media fear missing out on unrealistic things. They get bothered by likes, comments, and opinions.

In conclusion, many other things impact the lives of human beings that harm them massively.