A role model is a person that you look up to, a role model is a person who inspires us.

Generally, children look up to their parents as their role models. But sometimes children can also play a role in inspiring us, adults. Here’s how children play a role in inspiring us.

There are many small things to learn from children. Have you ever seen children fighting over something and the very next movement you see them again playing together? Yes? This teaches us to forgive and forget bad things. We adults hold on to things, which only causes bad to us. Learning to let go of bad things can help us have a healthy peaceful mind.

They teach you to be optimistic in life. Just watching children play can give you a lot of happiness. Children teach you to keep your heart clean. Be always truthful. Children never have a bad intention in them. They never take advantage of others. These things we implement in our lives would lead us to a peaceful life.

Children have no fear, they are not afraid to try out new things. Adults should learn how not to be fearful while accomplishing goals. Children teach us to be happy and have fun. Laugh as much as possible to keep the environment around you happy. They teach us to love, How to love all living creatures. Children are very curious and always learn something new. This curiosity, if shown by adults, can do great things. These lessons an adult should surely learn from children.

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