Only if we focus on the little details while working will we be able to attain the goal. If you continue to overlook little details, even easy tasks will become challenging. If the goal is significant, we must always be on guard and use extreme caution. Hanuman Ji can teach us about the scale of what is possible.

An occasion involving Hanuman Ji and Ahiravan has occurred. Sri Rama brought his army of monkeys to Lanka. Ravana refused to stop the fight because of his haughtiness, despite Shri Ram’s best efforts, and the conflict began.

1. Lakshman and Sriram were held captive by the delusion of Ahiravan.

The fourth day of Shri Ram and Ravana’s conflict has passed. In order to fight, Ravana summoned his evasive brother Ahiravan. Ahiravan had extensive knowledge of Maya design. She forged a passion so strong that it ensnared Shri Ram and Lakshman as well as the entire army of monkeys.

2. Vibhishan discussed Ahiravan.

Only Ahiravan can assume my shape, and it is certain that he has vanquished Rama and Lakshmana, Vibhishan informed Hanuman Ji.

Vibhishan told Hanuman ji where Ahiravan was hiding away. Ahiravan is a follower of Maa Bhavani, and Vibhishan informs Hanuman ji that he has kindled five lamps in five directions. The powers of Ahiravan will be destroyed if these five lamps are all extinguished.

3. After listening to the birds, Hanuman ji learned about Ahiravan.

Two birds were conversing under the tree where Hanuman Ji was at the same time, saying that Ahiravan was going to sacrifice people to Goddess Maa today and that he would make us eat their flesh.

The animal and bird languages were both known to Hanuman ji. Hanuman Ji realized that Shriram and Lakshmana were nearby after hearing these two birds.


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