Because you shouldn’t actually be terrified of everything you’re afraid of, fear can also be a restricting factor.

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma where you were hesitant to act, make a change, or take a risk?

Did you ultimately choose that course of action or take that risk? Or did you simply remain in place and let things go as they were? If so, are you satisfied with how things turned out?

It’s in our nature to enjoy safety, comfort, and protection from harm. This has always been the case, even since the first people only learned how to put their own survival first.

Both realists and dreamers

Simply said, there are two types of people: realists and dreamers. Realists are the cautious, logical types of people who consider both the pros and cons of any decision before making it—especially a significant, life-altering one. Realists give decisions a lot of thought before making them if they decide to make them at all. This applies to decisions like what to major in at university, what career to pursue, and whether to buy that house or car, go on that vacation, or splash out on that new watch.

Welcome Fear

Which one do you believe you are, then? And does one excel over the other? Always maintain equilibrium in your life. “Everything in moderation,” as the saying goes, I’m sure you’ve heard. The opposite is also true: being a realist isn’t superior to being a dreamer. Each has its own difficulties. What I do know, however, is that fear should always be viewed as a way to propel you toward becoming a better version of yourself, nonetheless of where you are in life.

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