It is claimed that as soon as we awaken in the morning, we must cultivate thankfulness. Good morning sayings have the ability to motivate you and help you get your day off to a good start. Reading inspiring material in the mornings will help you feel more energized. You may also send encouraging good morning messages to spread joy and great energy. Here is a collection of the top motivational good morning quotes.

Good morning sayings that are upbeat and uplifted:

1.”You do not find a happy life. You make it.” – Camilla Eyring Kimball

2. “Keep close to everything that makes you grateful to be alive.” – Hafez

3. “Happiness frequently enters through a door, you weren’t aware you had left unlocked.” (John Barrymore)

4.”Keep your face toward the sun, and a shadow won’t be seen.” Sheldon Keller

5. “Being what you could have been is never too late.” (George Eliot)

6. “The mind of man may do everything it can envision and believe.” Nelson Hill

7. “Reaching your objective is not a tragedy in life. The sadness is that there is nothing to strive towards.” (Benjamin Mays)

8. “Putting forth your best effort now is the finest preparation for tomorrow.” -Mr. H. Jackson Brown

9. “Keep your back to the light at all times; shadows will follow you.” Wal Whitman

10.”I can’t control the wind’s direction, but I can modify my sails to always get where I’m going”. (Jimmy Dean)

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