You can’t survive without your mobile phone and thank god you normally don’t need to. However, technological reliance isn’t really the most advantageous propensity. Smartphones today have made so many things possible for us which seemed impossible before and for that reason, it is just not feasible to give upon them. We need to check our phone before sleeping and after we wake up. We have even become habitual to having our smartphone on us 24×7. If we leave to go somewhere outside and forget our phone at home, no matter how late or far we have gone, we will still come back to take our phone with us. But this very same phone is affecting our health to a very large extent.

  • Eye strain – At whatever point you spend more than a couple of successive hours gazing at your smartphone (or shifting back and forth between your mobile and PC screens), you risk having dry eyes from flickering less, migraines, obscured vision, and general eye fatigue; especially if you have any untreated vision issues in any case. Screens also emit harmful blue rays that can give you distorted vision over time.
  • Affects your memory – With a smartphone helpful for us in every way, there’s no motivation to remember things you realize you can without much of a stretch turn upward; like telephone numbers. Furthermore, when you quit remembering raw numbers, your memory can get somewhat corroded. Also, you don’t take interest in learning anything since you depend on searching for everything on the web.
  • Affects your sleep – In case you fall under the 95 per cent of individuals who are habitual to using a smartphone or tablet during the prior hour of going to bed, the unnatural blue light could smother the hormones that advance rest and make it harder to get the opportunity to rest. Obviously your mobile’s irregular vibration, signalling, or light can likewise wake you up once you nod off; it’s the reason sleep mode or DND is madly underestimated.
  • Neck and back pain – A few hours of slouching over your advanced smartphone can trigger inconvenience starting with torment in the rear of the neck and shoulders. Stretches like inclining the head from front to back and from side to side can help, also a proper posture. Make sure your ears are lined up with your shoulders and your shoulder bones are withdrawn. Rather than slouching forward, bring down your eyes and raise your arms to make your screen visible.
  • Lung compression – It’s anything but difficult to perceive how slouching over your gadget can risk damages to your stance, however, this isn’t the only a blemish. Studies recommend that helpless posture can crunch your lungs and make breathing more troublesome; awful news considering your brain and body need oxygen to work properly.

Apart from these effects, there is always the danger of being affected by the harmful radiations from the smartphone which our body tends to absorb. Smartphones should be the means of our dependence. They exist to make our life simpler, so instead constantly using it for no good reason, we must stick to using it only when we need to.