There are multiple reasons why teens resort to drugs at a very young age. They are as follows:

  • Teens want to feel accepted by their friends and peers. Therefore, they feel the need to do drugs in order to fit in.
  • Drugs have the power to produce feelings of pleasure and hence the young population opts for the abused drugs to feel good.
  • The teens who undergo depression, anxiety, or stress-related disorders, then tend to resort to drugs to get some relief.
  • In order to improve their athletic performance, many students take anabolic steroids. Many also take stimulants for studying.
  • Teenagers are all about new experiences. Their need to try out new thrilling and daring things drives them towards drugs.

Other factors that lead a young person towards drug use are stressful experiences such as child abuse or other traumas, prenatal exposure to alcohol or drugs, no parental supervision or genetics. Drugs are dangerous for teenagers or young populations for various reasons.

Until the age of mid-’20s, the brain is in the process of growing and developing. Drug use can interfere with the development process that occurs in the brain and hence affect thinking and decision-making. Youngsters with excessive drug use engage in risky things such as dangerous driving. Using drugs at a tender age increases the chances of continuing to use them and getting addicted in the later stages of life. It also leads to various health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and sleeping disorders.

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