Not every meal meets the criteria for being a decent late-night meal, and plenty of meals have secret components and qualities that might actually keep you awake and interfere with your sleep, which can be bothersome and uncomfortable.

You might be shocked to learn that some veggies might make you feel restless when it comes to some of the meals that keep you awake.

The following five foods can keep you awake at night:

1. Alcohol

Now, this can be a little perplexing because, if consumed right before night, alcohol may induce sleep in certain people. However, alcohol is not a depressant. After consuming alcohol, people who try to fall asleep often wake up in the middle of their sleep cycles and don’t obtain the greatest sleep possible that night.

2.Foods High in Fat

There is proof that eating fatty meals interferes with your ability to sleep. Research published in 2016 found that consuming a lot of saturated fats made sleep feel brief and inadequate.

3. Spicy Cuisine

Spices like curry, mustard, and chili peppers, among others, are thought to be present in high concentrations in spicy dishes. Spices cause a feeling that oscillates between pain and pleasure.

4. Celery

Celery is a very filling vegetable. From vitamins to antioxidants and other nutrients, it essentially has everything you need. It also helps to lessen inflammation.

But here’s why it’s OK to classify it as a snack that can keep you up at night: It has a diuretic effect. The meal is often thought of as a natural diuretic.

5. Foods With a High Salt Content

Food is more delicious with salt. You won’t want to finish eating a dish that doesn’t have the correct quantity of salt. A meal lacking enough salt will have a similar detrimental effect on your ability to sleep.

Source: Life Hack

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