The involuntary spasm of eyelid muscles is often referred to as eye twitch or myokymia. Usually it occurs in the upper eyelids. These eyelid spasms are often mild and can feel like a small tug on the eyelids. They are painless and harmless but they can be bothersome.

Most of the time, eye twitching can be stopped without any treatment. The main causes of eye twitches are eye strain, fatigue, eye irritation, stress, physical exertions and more.

Eye twitches can go away without any treatment but if your eye has been twitching for a long time, you need to follow these following ways to stop your eye from twitching.

1. Get some sleep

Eye twitch happens to people who lack sleep and are overly tired. If you fall into the same category then you need to go and hit your hay.

2. Give yourself break from stress

Stress is another factor that can cause an eye twitch. If you are unable to get rid of the stress causing thing, engage yourself into stress reducing activities and you’d be able to stop the twitching of your eye.

3. Stop consumption of caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant which can cause eyelids to spasm. Therefore, reduce your intake of coffee, tea or even soda to get rid of twitching eyes.

4. Moisturise your eyelids

Irritation of dry eyes can cause an eye twitch as it leads to eyelid spasms. However you can stop it by applying some moisturiser on your eyelids.

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