There are several ways to deal with migraines.

1. Turn off the lights or make the lights dim

Migraines often increase due to bright lights, so off the lights or keep the lights dim and go to sleep. Relax in a dark room.

2. Take sufficient sleep

Migraines can result from a lack of sleep. So keep a regular and proper sleep schedule. So go to sleep early and wake up early.

3. Keep healthy eating habits

Eat at the same time daily. Do not skip your meals. Keep a proper track of what type of food you eat. And avoid the food that triggers migraines.

4. Exercise regularly

During physical exercise, your body releases happy hormones and releases the chemical that blocks pain. These chemicals also reduce stress and depression. Obesity can also increase the risk of headaches. So maintaining a healthy body through exercise will provide benefits in managing migraines.

5. Stay hydrated

Drink a sufficient amount of water. Because lack of water or Dehydration can lead to migraines.

6. Do not chew

Avoid eating chewing gum and biting or chewing your nails, don’t chew any of the hard objects because it not only hurts your jaw but also leads to a headache.

7. Manage your stress

Too much stress and migraine are related to each other. Stress can be the result of an unbalanced routine, improper time management, and doing too many tasks at a time. So to avoid taking too much stress, to deal with your migraine and keeping yourself stress-free you need to manage your time properly and enjoy your life.

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