The lotus bloom has long represented purity and heavenly beauty in many Asian countries, serving as a great emblem of both since antiquity. It is a significant part of our cultural and religious heritage because it is the national flower of India. It is also a bloom that covers the whole bottom of a lake, stream, river, or other body of water, its roots spreading in an awe-inspiringly beautiful pattern. Attached to the base of the pad is the long, woody part known as the lotus root.

You may not have known, nevertheless, that this useful component was also employed in herbal medicine decades ago! You can utilize it in natural or powdered form for a variety of reasons, including the health advantages you stand to acquire.

1. Reduces your stress levels

Although lotus blossoms are usually thought to offer quiet and serenity, the tranquility that people seek is really brought about by the lotus root. The vitamin B complex component pyridoxine, which interacts directly with the brain to control mood and mental health, is mostly to blame for this.

2. It is a tasty component for cooking.

When the root has been gathered, it may be cleaned and then chopped into pieces for cooking. It is frequently used in stir-fry meals to make fast snacks and in many Asian soup recipes. Additionally, it may be braised, deep-fried with honey and chili, or served in a variety of other interesting ways.

3. It promotes digestion.

The fleshy, woody lotus root provides a considerable amount of nutritional fiber. If you consume enough of it, your body will be better able to absorb nutrients and you won’t experience constipation while also spending less time in the bathroom.

4. advantageous for blood circulation

When consumed as part of a healthy diet, lotus root can be a great method to increase energy and blood circulation. The significant levels of iron and copper included in lotus roots help to reduce the risk of anemia and improve vitality and blood flow.

5. Vitamin C infusion

When considering the nutrients included in this root, vitamin C is one that has to be mentioned. From 100 grams of lotus root, you may receive 73% of the amount of this vitamin you need each day. One of the main components of vitamin C is collagen, which is an important immune system stimulant and can help maintain the strength and integrity of our blood vessels, organs, and skin.

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