Since the coronavirus is widely spreading everyone is very much concerned about curing the symptoms related to this virus and also increasing your immunity to beat the virus if infected. We may have heard many tips and health facts and even implied some of them. But how many of us know the traditional Indian method of preparing a decoction that cures almost all the big as well as small diseases? Kadhas or decoctions are soups or broths prepared by adding multiple herbs, medicinal plant leaves or sweetening flavours to enhance the taste since kadhas have a strong bitter taste. Here is a list of different types of kadhas for different purposes: –

  • Ginger-Pepper-Honey kadha – This is most preferred to cure a common cold or cough. The ginger and pepper are pungent in taste and very hot in nature and hence increase the heat inside your body. This helps the body to kill the bacteria in your body. It also enhances your digestion system. The honey is added to give it a sweet taste.

To make – Boil the drinking water at its boiling temperature and add dry ginger and black pepper. Boil them until they shrink to half. Turn off the heat and add honey to make it sweet. Consume 3-4 times for best results.

  • Herbal kadha – Consume this kadha to enhance your immunity and allow yourself to fight off any disease. If you fall sick very often, your immunity is less and you should drink this kadha. It contains a mix of Ayurvedic herbs that improve your digestion, allows you to breathe better, detoxes your body and increases your immunity.

To make – Add green cardamom, lemongrass, cinnamon, dry ginger, black pepper and white pepper to boiling water. Boil it for some time and turn off the heat. Add honey if you can’t handle the taste.

  • Fenugreek-Turmeric kadha – If you are prediabetic and wish to control your blood sugar levels, you should prefer drinking this kadha too often. The turmeric and fenugreek in this broth keep your sugar levels restricted and controlled. You can drink it in the morning for best results.

To make – Add turmeric and fenugreek in powdered form to boiling milk in equal quantities. Do not add any sweetener in this kadha.

  • Tulsi and Clove decoction – Winters and monsoons are well known to induce fever in most of the people. This decoction can prevent you from fever. It makes you sweat in order to get rid of the fever.

To make – Take a few tulsi leaves and cloves and crush them together. Add the mixture to the boiling water. Boil until the water evaporates to half and add some rock salt to it.