The bipolar disorders in teens are often mislabeled as depression and anxiety because the first symptoms in teens match with the unipolar depression. The hormonal changes that take place in adolescence lead to a certain behavior pattern which are similar to bipolar disorder.

The diagnosis is often confused in teens because hormonal teens experience certain mood swings – highs and lows in a short period of time. In order to differentiate between bipolar disorder, mood swings and other mental health disorders, you need to look for the major signs of bipolar illness.

In bipolar disorder, teens experience two types of episodes – manic and depressive. The symptoms of both these episodes are different.

Symptoms of manic episode are:

· They tend to act immature for their age and are euphoric.

· They are short tempered.

· They always talk excitedly and quickly about many different things.

· They find it hard to focus.

· Teens with bipolar disorder find it hard to sleep and yet they do not feel tired.

· They jump from one task to another.

· In an unusual way, they either feel very happy or act silly.

· They engage themselves into compulsive things.

· Risky things like drinking while driving.

When they undergo a depressive episode:

· Teens with bipolar disorder often feel worthless or empty.

· Feelings of guilt, sadness consume them.

· They either sleep too much or very little.

· Often experience stomach ache, headache or other pains.

· They experience loss of energy and concentration.

· Feel least interested in social activities or even socialising with friends.

· Their thoughts revolve around death and suicides.

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