Motion sickness is caused by the repeated motion from a vehicle that disturbs the inner ear. It can cause symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, sweating and vomiting. These symptoms are experienced while travelling through a bus, airplane, automobile, amusement park rides, train or ship.

Here are some of the remedies for motion sickness.

1. Face the direction you are going

If you travel, then you can sit in the front seat, because many people have reported that it reduces the symptoms of motion sickness. It helps disconnect between your visual sense and your inner ear.

2. Eat small meals and stay hydrated

Even though you might feel like eating while traveling, avoid it to reduce motion sickness. However, you can eat smaller and more frequent meals.

3. Tilt your head into turns

As per studies, titling your head into turns may help to lessen motion sickness. So the next time you travel, tilt your head in the direction of the turn and keep your eyes open.

4. Avoid reading or working on computer

The ear senses the movement in the balance center but the words are still on the screen or the pages which sends mixed messages resulting in nausea.

5. Avoid rapid head movements

Do not suddenly turn or move your head. The more you rest your head on the back seat or close your eyes and lie down you’d avoid motion sickness.

6. Distract yourself with music or conversation

Distract yourself with some music or strike up a conversation with people to avoid motion sickness.

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