Oily food although enjoyable on a variety of occasions, they tend to affect your body and health negatively.

The reasons why you should avoid consuming oily foods are:

1. Weight Gain and Obesity

Oily foods have large amounts of fats which results in weight gain. Studies have shown that eating fast food increases the chances of obesity which in turn leads to various negative health issues.

2. Increases Your Risk to Heart Diseases or Stroke

Excessive intake of oily foods harms the heart health. It lowers blood pressures and HDL cholesterol which are related to heart diseases.

3. Prone to Acne

The more oil you consume, the more oily your skin will be. Consuming oily food triggers the oil glands and results in acne. It is suggested to avoid oily food especially if you have oily skin to protect and keep your skin healthy.

4. Causes Headaches

High intake of oily food causes dizziness or headaches. Oil has the capacity to change the size of the blood vessels in the brain which changes the chemistry of the brain. That is why you experience a pounding pain.

5. Makes You lazy

The tasty oily food comes along with laziness. It lowers your performance level. This is so because the excessive amount of fats slows the metabolism and makes it inefficient.

6. Impair Brain Functioning

The greasy-fatty food causes damage to your brain structure, tissues and harms the overall functioning.

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