When it comes to taking care of hair needs, apart from coconut oil, people swear by castor oil. Castor oil is extracted from castor seeds and is much thicker and richer in vitamin E as compared to other plant based oils. This helps castor oil act as a replenisher not just for your hair but also for your skin. The oil contains ricinoleic acid which helps in hair growth and achieving thicker hair. A proper scalp massage with castor oil can help improve blood circulation which provides nutrition to the hair follicles and help with hair thinning. When applied to the scalp When Here are some of the pros and cons of using castor oil on facial hair.


1) Helps hair growth

It is believed that the use of castor oil on hair can help fasten hair growth and help you have a great length. You can use it on your eyebrows, beard, and eyelashes by combining it with the right carrier oils and essential oils. However, one must be careful while applying castor oil to the lashes.

2) Serves as a moisturizer

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which helps to keep the facial hair moisturized and healthy.

3) Thicker beard

Application of castor oil to your beard can help you achieve a thicker and shiner and fuller beard. It also helps to deal with the issue of beard thinning.


1) Skin Irritation

Application of castor oil may not be advisable in case you are having a skin rash or dermatitis as it leads to skin irritation.

2) Eye- irritation

While it is okay to apply some castor oil to your facial hair, it’s advisable that you take care it doesn’t come in contact with your eyes. It can cause serious eye irritation if castor oil gets into one’s eyes.

3) Stomach upset

If castor oil is ingested, it may lead to vomiting, nausea, and stomach cramping.

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