Breakfast is the most important meal of the day that keeps you energetic all day. We must have heard people say this so many times. But still, we don’t focus on it or some don’t even have a proper breakfast and leave for work. But then we cannot just eat anything for breakfast. It has to be healthy and tasty as well. But eating the same bowl of cereals can be boring at times. That is why we need different breakfast meals every day, which will add more joy to the whole experience. These are some options you can try: –

  1. Scrambled eggs and bacon – Easy to make, scrambled eggs is a very common breakfast option. Rich in calories and proteins and if you are a good cook, taste too! Have some bacon or sausages along with it and a glass of fruit juice of your choice.
  2. Pancakes – Made with flour, eggs and milk, pancakes is another delicious treat as a breakfast meal. Add a little chocolate, honey or maple syrup and next thing you know, you are already licking your fingers. A cup of coffee will make it a party.
  3. French toast – Again the basic nutrients giving ingredients in this dish are milk, eggs and bread as flour. Dip your bread in eggs and milk and fry it. It is better than your normal toast.
  4. Oatmeal and milkshake – Oatmeal is enriched with vitamins and proteins. Additionally, it doesn’t have any cholesterol. Add a fresh fruit milkshake to this and it will keep you energetic all day.
  5. Fruits and nuts – If you are too concerned about your weight, you can always opt to go for fruits and dry fruits for breakfast. Make yourself a fresh pulpy orange juice and enjoy your nuts and fruits with it.

Whichever option you try, you must have breakfast. Your body needs the energy to work all day and starting good ends well. Keep in mind that you have been sleeping for almost 7-8 hrs and ate nothing for that long. So, eating healthy food for breakfast is a must.