Winter is the season that many of us like because of the cold environment and the cosy warmth of the blanket. And the most important thing is the food. Here, we share a list of dishes that are tasty and healthy at the same time to consume in the winter season.

Gajar Ka Halwa: It is undoubtedly a favourite of many. It is a treat to our sweet tooth. This orange veggie has an array of health benefits at the same time. It helps to boost the immune system. It also works as an anti-ageing product. The presence of beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, promotes eye health and enhances vision.

Palak Paneer: Spinach, this green leafy vegetable, is a powerhouse of health benefits. The presence of vitamins A, C and K helps to boost skin health, immune support, and blood clotting. A high content of iron and folate helps to prevent anaemia and prenatal health. The high fibre content aids digestion and also balances weight.

Methi Ki Roti: Fenugreek leaves, or methi, are a source of nutritional benefits. The richness of vitamins like A, C and K helps immune support, skin health, and blood clotting. The iron and calcium presence makes blood healthy and stronger bones. It helps the overall well-being of the person.