Have you ever experienced an uncomfortable stiffness that starts at your temples and extends to the back of your head? It resembles a band being gradually tightened around your skull. Additionally, you could be familiar with a sharp throbbing pain behind your eyes, a delicate and sensitive scalp, or a lingering hurting sensation that runs through your neck and shoulder muscles. All of these symptoms point to a tension headache, which practically everyone experiences frequently.

Although tension headaches, also known as stress headaches, can be annoying and disrupt your day, they are rarely hazardous or a sign of a more serious condition. They can typically be properly treated at home, and there are several actions you may do to stop them in their tracks. Try some of these methods for tension headache relief before you freak out and run to the doctor. If they work, your headaches may go away altogether.

1.Yoga to Relieve Tension Headaches

This well-known technique can increase circulation all over your body, which can significantly lessen tension and discomfort. Since stress headaches are frequently brought on by inadequate oxygenation of the brain, yoga, which boosts both oxygen and blood flow to the head, can be an effective treatment.

2.Pilates to Reduce Tension Headaches

Pilates is a type of exercise that strengthens the entire body, especially the muscles in the core. Less well-known is the fact that tension headaches can be effectively relieved by Pilates. When practicing Pilates, it’s important to pay attention to your body and your breathing as you perform the movements.

3. Workouts to Relieve Tension Headaches

Try going for a stroll outside or walking for 30 minutes at a slow pace on the treadmill if you feel a headache coming on. You could discover that your headache just goes away after doing this.


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