It’s beautiful to become a parent, but it’s also exhausting. Every sleepless moment feels fresh while you’re learning to be a parent. For other mothers, the prospect of returning to work so soon is too much to handle. With the end of maternity leave comes a slew of emotions, but planning beforehand might help you make the transition go smoothly.

Let’s face it: when a new mom returns to work, she nearly always confronts unforeseen obstacles. Returning to work needs a lot more planning than you would think. You can feel more powerful in your decision and guarantee a smooth transition for you and your kid by preparing throughout maternity leave.

Here are five methods to prepare for your return to work.

1. Find a trustworthy childcare provider

One of the most difficult components of resuming work is securing daycare. It’s best to begin looking as soon as possible. It may seem odd to begin looking for a babysitter before your child comes, but asking friends for recommendations can make the process go more smoothly. Before you go back to work, do several practise runs with your childcare provider. This can provide you peace of mind when leaving your child with them.

2. Create a feeding schedule for both you and your child

Decide whether you want to nurse your baby full-time, part-time, or use formula before you go back to work. If you want to keep nursing, you’ll have to pump at work to keep your milk production up and provide milk for your child while you’re gone. Because breastfeeding takes a lot of energy, it’s also crucial to prepare your meals. Meal preparation might assist you in maintaining your energy and milk production.

3. Take into account working hours that are flexible

To maintain a connection with their infant, some new mothers choose to work flexible hours or work from home. Discuss which schedule works best for you and your family with your co-parent or support network. Remember that your co-parent may be able to adjust their schedule as well.

4. Make time for self-care

If you don’t emphasise self-care when juggling a job and a newborn, you may experience burnout. Don’t put off thinking about how and when you’ll recharge until you’re at work. Make a strategy for self-care as part of your new habit.

5. Do a thorough cleaning of your home

Chores may be considerably more difficult now that you’ve returned to work. Starting work with a tidy house might help you relax. Hire a cleaning service or enlist the services of a friend to help you clean. Then, when you get used to working, make a timetable for keeping your house in order.

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