As it might be difficult to shut out distractions, staying concentrated during meditation can be challenging.

Even if we are able to locate a calm, relaxing setting outside, our interior chaos brought on by mental chatter might undermine it. There are two ways that meditation might help us focus more.

Focus Through Meditation

Only those who know how to meditate effectively can benefit from it. The correct level of focus will help you get ready for the activity and keep outside distractions at bay.

1. Eyes Shut

We can save energy by blocking out visual input. We may use that energy more effectively for inward concentration during meditation. More than half of the surface of the brain is used for processing visual information.

2. Perform a mental load-lightening brain dump.

As was previously said, a heavy mental workload might impair focus. When our brains are racing with thoughts, it’s challenging to be totally present in our daily lives or meditation practice.

3. Boost Your Posture

The mind-body link plays a significant role in meditation. It’s commonly believed that the mind’s influence on the body only works in one direction. However, research demonstrates that the mind and body are interconnected.

4. Concentrate on Your Breath

Most of the time, we don’t give much thought to our breath. We frequently overlook our ability to influence this underutilized bodily process. It’s critical to develop this capacity inside ourselves.

5. Posture with Hand and Finger

The Mozart effect—have you ever heard of it? A research where youngsters who took piano lessons performed 27% better on arithmetic exams was mentioned in the Journal of Neurological Research in 1999. It was thought that the ability of music to teach spatial-temporal thinking was the main cause of this.

Source:Life Hack

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