• Find a workout partner

Get yourself a workout partner. Because you have a partner you’ll get a boost to work out together because it’s fun. When you have someone to work out with it gets easier to stay motivated.

· Get out of your comfort zone

You must first get out of your comfort zone. Lying on couch can be relaxing and fun but it’s not going to get you in perfect shape. Instead, you’ll gain more weight. So, enough of the relaxing and get yourself working. At first, it might seem difficult to get out of your comfort zone but once you do it, you are going to be motivated to do more.

· Start slow

Don’t get over-excited to work out and rush into it. You might do it for the first day, the next day you’ll be tired and won’t be able to exercise and the muscle pain can last for at least four days and after four days you have to again motivate yourself to work out. Do its better to start slow work out for only 10-15 min the first day with minimal exercises that won’t make you work hard.

· Set workout time

Set a particular time of the day as your exercise time. It can be in the morning or evening as you find it feasible. When you set a time you will be motivated to work out at that time and if you don’t there will be a feeling of guilt which will eventually motivate you.

· Focus on the effect

The best way to motivate yourself is to concentrate on the consequences of exercise. The perfect body you always wanted can only be achieved through the workout. And if you don’t work out, still the consequences are going to motivate you to workout.

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